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    Welcome to base5-ui, 5App's library of reusable React components. base5-ui's focus lies on providing easy-to-use base & layout components for building highly themeable pages.


    base5-ui is built on styled-components, so if you're not using it already, install it along with base5-ui.

    npm i base5-ui styled-components

    Running the component library locally

    base5-ui comes with its own documentation tool & development playground powered by Storybook. To check it out locally, clone this repo to your local machine, install its dependencies (npm i), and finally run the following command:

    npm run storybook

    The documentation environment should then open in your browser at http://localhost:6006, letting you browse all available components to inspect their API, read documentation and see usage examples.

    Using base5-ui

    To use the components of base5-ui, your app needs to be wrapped in a <ThemeSection> that provides each component with global and local theme information.

    A basic app setup using the default base5-ui theme looks like this:

    import React from 'react';
    import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
    import ThemeSection from 'base5-ui/ThemeSection';
    import Button from 'base5-ui/Button';
    import theme from 'base5-ui/theme';
    function App() {
    	return (
    		<ThemeSection name="page" baseTheme={theme}>
    			<Button>Hello world!</Button>
    const rootElement = document.getElementById('root');
    ReactDOM.render(<App />, rootElement);

    Updating the repo

    Want to add/edit icons? Please follow the steps outlined in the icons README before continuing here.

    To publish changes to the components in this repo, please follow these steps. The online docs will automatically be updated after the changes were merged to the master branch.

    • Commit your changes using semantic versioning prefixes:
      1. fix: or refactor: for a patch release (x.x.+1)
      2. feat: for a minor release (x.+1.0)
      3. Add BREAKING CHANGE: to the beginning of the commit message's body for a major release: +1.0.0)
      4. Use chore: or style: for housekeeping tasks that don't require a release
    • Submit a PR or push to the master branch

    Updating just the docs

    If you did not make any changes to components and only want to update the docs in our online component library, just submit a PR or push to the master branch directly using a docs: prefix for the commit message.


    Execute npm test or npm run test to run the tests

    Execute npm run test:cover to run the tests with coverage analysis.

    • A summary report such as the following will be available in the terminal:
    =============================== Coverage summary ===============================
    Statements   : 76.38% ( 524/686 )
    Branches     : 53.81% ( 120/223 )
    Functions    : 87.06% ( 148/170 )
    Lines        : 77.04% ( 520/675 )
    Test Suites: 12 passed, 12 total
    Tests:       3 skipped, 32 passed, 35 total
    Snapshots:   0 total
    Time:        3.818s
    • A detailed html code analysis report will be available at ./test/coverage/index.html The detailed report provides a good insight on what to test and how well the component is tested.




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