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A basic base58 and base62 encoding and decoding system. Can optionally add a prefix to make the identifier more identifiable!

Encodes hex-strings, byte arrays, numbers, big integers, and MongoDB ObjectIds to base58 or base62. No dependencies either!

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Install with NPM like so:

npm install base-id


const { base58, base62 } = require('base-id');

// Generate a new crypto-random id with an arbitrary prefix
base58.generateToken(24, 'account_'); // account_ifq8PeVV9J3weEtz5V14cr9H7AuKhndD

// Generate a new crypto-random id with an arbitrary prefix
base62.generateToken(24, 'product_'); // product_8egyAcmiJhK0pFThcYHYIojG9GIKK7A4

// Encode a hex-string to base58
const hex = "0a372a50deadbeef";
let res = base58.encode(hex); // 2i6ye84HA6z;

// Encode a hex-string to base62
res = base62.encode(hex); // SnmsvJ1ziv;

// Make a MongoDB ObjectId pretty:
const objId = new ObjectId();
res = base58.encodeWithPrefix(objId, 'charge_'); // charge_2d2yysrPLNBLYpWfK

// Change a pretty id back into an ObjectId
new ObjectId(base58.decodeWithPrefix('charge_2d2yysrPLNBLYpWfK', 'charge_')); // new ObjectId("55ea16f30c169b651ddf40ea")

base58 and base62

The module exports both base58 and base62 instances with the following members.


  • encode(mixed) – Encodes the given value to the desired base encoding.
  • decode(encodedString) – Decodes the given base-encoded string to a hex string.
  • encodeWithPrefix(mixed, prefix) – Encodes the given value to the desired base encoding, prepending a prefix to the result.
  • decodeWithPrefix(ecodedString, prefix) – Decodes the given base-encoded string to a hex string, stripping the given prefix.
  • generateToken(bytes, prefix) – Generates a secure random string, base encoded, with an optional prefix
  • generateBytes(count, options) – Generates secure random bytes
    • options.array – when truthy, will return a Uint8Array instead of a standard array
  • bytesToHex(bytes) – Convert a byte array to a hex string
  • decodeHexToNumeric(hex) – Decodes a hex string to a BigInt number
  • encodeNumericToHex(dec) – Encode a number to hex string
  • getHexFromObject(mixed) Gets the hex string from the given thing. Accepts a hex string, number, BigInt, byte array, or MongoDB ObjectId instance.
  • getUUIDFromHex(hex, lowercase=true) Gets the formatted UUID string from the given hex string. Defaults to lowercase.

Breaking Changes


  • Removed BigNum dependency (uses JS2020's built-in BigInt)


  • Removed binaryToHex
  • Removed hexToBinary


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