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    framework for Domain-Driven Design in JavaScript (or CoffeeScript, recommended.)

    latest API documentation Page


    $ npm install -g base-domain


    base-domain helps easier practice of Domain-Driven Design.

    1. list models in the domain of your concern (by your own way)
    2. define models with base-domain
    3. define their factories with base-domain
    4. define their repositories with base-domain
    5. define services with base-domain if needed

    essential classes and relations

    • Base
    • Facade
    • BaseModel
    • BaseFactory
    • BaseRepository
    • BaseService
    • Entity
    • AggregateRoot
    • ValueObject
    • BaseList
    • BaseDict

    class relations


    API Doc

    • Base is an origin of all classes
    • Base has Facade
    • Base does not have any other properties or methods


    API Doc

    • Facade is the gate of all classes
    • Facade knows all classes
    • Facade is module-exported in base-domain: require('base-domain') returns Facade class


    API Doc

    • BaseModel is a base class of model
    • essential methods for model are defined
    • BaseModel is a child of Base


    API Doc

    • BaseFactory is a base class of factory
    • BaseFactory creates specific BaseModel instance
    • BaseFactory is a child of Base


    API Doc

    • BaseRepository is a base class of repository
    • BaseRepository connects to database, filesystem or other external data resources (settings needed).
    • BaseRepository saves specific BaseModel to data resources
    • BaseRepository read BaseModels from data resources
    • BaseRepository has BaseFactory (to generate BaseModel from data resources)


    API Doc

    • ValueObject is child of BaseModel
    • instance of ValueObject does not have id
    • ValueObject.isEntity is false
    • that's all of ValueObject


    API Doc

    • Entity is child of BaseModel
    • instance of Entity has id
    • Entity.isEntity is true


    API Doc

    • AggregateRoot is child of Entity
    • AggregateRoot implements RootInterface, thus it can create other models, factories and repositories.


    API Doc

    • BaseList is child of ValueObject
    • BaseList has many BaseModels as items
    • BaseList#items is array of specific BaseModel


    API Doc

    • BaseDict is child of ValueObject
    • BaseDict has many BaseModels as items
    • BaseDict#items is dictionary of key => specific BaseModel
    • BaseDict.key is function to get key from item


    model definition

    model is classified into "Entity" and "ValueObject"

    Entity is model with id, ValueObject is model without id.

    # {domain-dir}/ 
    class Hospital extends require('base-domain').Entity
        # property types 
            name         : @TYPES.STRING
            address      : @TYPES.STRING
            beds         : @TYPES.NUMBER
            registeredAt : @TYPES.DATE
            isValidated  : @TYPES.BOOLEAN
            doctors      : @TYPES.MODEL 'doctor-list'
            flags        : @TYPES.MODEL 'flag-dict'
            state        : @TYPES.ENUM ['PREPARED''RUNNING''CLOSED']
    module.exports = Hospital

    properties definition

    @TYPES.XXX is an object and also a function.

            aaa: @TYPES.STRING
            bbb: @TYPES.NUMBER 3
            ccc: @TYPES.MODEL 'foo-bar'
    mark property type meaning arg1 arg2
    x @TYPES.ANY prop accepts any type default value
    x @TYPES.STRING prop is string default value
    x @TYPES.NUMBER prop is number default value
    x @TYPES.DATE prop is date default value
    x @TYPES.BOOLEAN prop is boolean default value
    x @TYPES.ARRAY prop is array default value
    x @TYPES.OBJECT prop is object default value
    x @TYPES.BUFFER prop is buffer default value
    x @TYPES.GEOPOINT prop is geopoint default value
    o @TYPES.CREATED_AT date set when first saved default value
    o @TYPES.UPDATED_AT date set each time saved default value
    o @TYPES.MODEL prop is BaseModel model name id prop name (if model is Entity)
    o @TYPES.ENUM prop is index of the alternatives alternatives default value

    Types with marked "x" just provide the name of the type. base-domain does not validate the prop's type.

    factory definition

    # {domain-dir}/ 
    class HospitalFactory extends require('base-domain').BaseFactory
        @modelName: 'hospital'
    module.exports = HospitalFactory

    repository definition

    # {domain-dir}/ 
    class HospitalRepository extends require('base-domain').BaseRepository
        @modelName: 'hospital'
    module.exports = HospitalRepository

    use them by facade

    domain = require('base-domain').createInstance
        dirname: '/path/to/domain-dir'
    Hospital = domain.getModel('hospital')
    hospitalFactory = domain.createFactory('hospital')
    hospitalRepository = domain.createRepository('hospital')
    hosp = hospitalFactory.createFromObject(name: 'Suzuki Clinic')
    hospitalRepository.query(where: name: 'CureApp Hp.').then (hospitals)->
        console.log hospitals

    list definition

    # {domain-dir}/ 
    class HospitalList extends require('base-domain').BaseList
        @itemModelName: 'hospital'
    module.exports = HospitalList

    dict definition

    # {domain-dir}/ 
    class HospitalDict extends require('base-domain').BaseDict
        @itemModelName: 'hospital'
        @key: (item) ->
    module.exports = HospitalDict


    npm i base-domain

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