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Serve the files in the current directory and update the browser when they change without refreshing.

No plugins. No app. No scripts.



npm install -g barkeep

CLI Usage

In your project's directory


If you need to serve on a custom port you can do that too

barkeep -p 8080

By default, if there is an index.html in the current directory, it will open in your default browser. You can prevent this behavior by

barkeep --silent

Module Usage

You can also require and use barkeep programatically in node.

var barkeep = require('barkeep');
barkeep(directory).listen(staticPort, livereloadPort, onListen);

All arguments to listen are optional. You can pass only the callback if you'd like.



This works by automagically inserting a liverelead script right before the close of the body element. This might not work for all set ups. You can insert the script manually by adding this tag to your HTML:

<script src="http://localhost:35729/livereload.js"></script>

This uses tiny-lr and gaze behind the scenes.