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build status # Bang

Bang is a command line tool for quick storage and retriveal of text snippets. It is inspired by and very similar to holman's Boom. The main difference is that Bang has no concept of lists: it is only one level deep. It also has a simpler interface to avoid accidentally creating stuff.




$ npm install -g bang

Get help

$ bang -h

Or, if you have not yet stored any data, simply run bang.

Add a snippet

$ bang jimmy

Retrieve a snippet

$ bang jimmy

The value is copied to your clipboard.

Delete a snippet

$ bang -d jimmy

List all snippets

$ bang
address: 237 Overlook Street


Bang's data is serialized to JSON and peristed to a file at ~/.bang. If you want to share your Bang data across multiple machines, you can move the file to Dropbox or some other type of network disk, and then symlink it to ~/.bang on your local machine.

Using Bang programmatically

Bang can also be used from a Node program directly. Simply require("bang") to import the core Bang class with access to all the CRUD methods.


Bang includes a comprehensive test suite using Jasmine. To run it:

$ npm install -g coffee-script
$ git clone
$ cd bang
$ npm install
$ cake spec

For continuous testing, use cake watch. This also rebuilds CoffeeScript files whenever the tests are run.