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    bamble is an open source numbers station

    bamble is totally useless. this app was written for freedom, fun, and a personal challenge.

    command line

    install bamble globally

    $ sudo npm install bamble -g

    generate a 25 entry pad into book1

    $ bamble prep -n 25 --book book1

    import the book1 pad

    $ cat books/book1 | bamble import

    generate a message from that pad

    $ echo 'hello world' | bamble say -b book1 > filename.bamble

    read a message from that pad

    $ cat filename.bambled | bamble read -b book1


    Writing does not advance the pad, so messages need to be read after writing to keep the writer's pad in sync with the audience's

    When a message has been read successfully, its pad should be deleted so that the next message may be read, and for security

    there are more options described in the help section of the app and each of its subcommands

    $ bamble -h
    $ bamble say -h 
    $ bamble read -h 

    and so on


    in broad strokes...

    install bamble locally

    $ npm install bamble 
    $ var Key = require('bamble/key')
    $ var newKey = new Key();
    $ var secret = newKey.secret; // this is what you would give to someone so they could read your message
    $ var message = Key.sign('this is a message') // this will output a message
    $ var key2 = new Key(secret)
    $ //=> returns 'this is a message'


    npm i bamble

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