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Baller organizes your configuration files.

Use Baller to create a "ball" for your configuration files. Once you've created a ball for your configuration files, it's easy to install and update them across multiple computers.

Balls contain:

  • A files subdirectory containing configuration files
  • Scripts to manage the configuration files: install to home directory, update to the latest changes, uninstall from home directory
  • A hooks directory of optional scripts that will be called before/after corresponding ball scripts (e.g., pre-install, post-update)
  • A file documenting how to use the configuration files

For a more detailed example, see an existing ball.

Balls require no dependencies other than Bash and Git.

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$ npm install -g baller


There are two ways to create a ball: Create from scratch, or create from existing files. To create a new ball in a new directory:

$ baller create <name>

This will create a new directory with a README and all of the Baller scripts. The Baller scripts will have no effect, however, until files are added to the files subdirectory.

Alternatively, a ball can be created from an existing directory which will be functional immediately:

$ baller init

This adds a README and the Baller scripts to the current directory and also adds an entry to each of the initial files to files.


Update the current ball to use current versions of Baller scripts:

$ baller update


Remove all Baller-introduced files and structure from current ball:

$ baller destroy


Deploy your ball to GitHub:

$ baller deploy

This will publicly deploy your current working ball to GitHub at<username>/<ball>. If this project does not exist, it will be created. Otherwise, the project will be updated.


$ npm test

Example balls