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Official Balanced Payments API Client for node.js,

Balanced Node.js library

The official Node.js library for Balanced Payments.

The Balanced Payments API located here:

v1.x requires Balanced API 1.1.

The preferred way to install balanced for Node.js is to use the npm package manager for Node.js. Simply type the following into a terminal window:

npm install balanced-official
var balanced = require('balanced-official');
var customer = balanced.marketplace.customers.create();
var card ={
    'number': '4111111111111111',
    'expiration_year': '2016',
    'expiration_month': '12',
     'cvv': '123'
    .then(function (debit) {
        // save the result of the debit 
    }, function (err) {
        // record the error message 

More examples

To run the tests in a terminal run

npm test

To run a specific test, you can do

node test/test.js [test name]