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bakerhelper - Helper for Cakefile

I created this project because I found myself reusing the same Cakefile over and over again. I copied it and then I made small changes to it. Eventually, I lost track of the "good" one (the most recent) so I decided to package them in a helper.

WARNING! Those are not cake tasks, it means you can't write cake compileCoffeescripts and it will magically work. You have to write your own tasks but bakerhelper will help you doing it.

API reference

exec(cmd, options, callback)

Overrides child_process.r.exec to log to console and exit if there's an error

bakerhelper.exec 'rm *.js', {cwd:'./lib'}, (err, stdout, stderr)->

options : See (child_process)[] documentation

The callback is passed three arguments (err, stdout, stderr)

compileCoffeescripts(directory, option={})

Compile all the coffeescripts into javascript files from a directory (not recursive)

bakerhelper.compileCoffeescripts './lib/'
bakerhelper.compileCoffeescripts './bin/', {shebang:true}

options.shebang : If it should add a shebang at the top of the file


Generate doc with docco-husky and push it to the gh-pages branch.

bakerhelper.compileCoffeescripts ['./lib/', './bin']