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Simple Bash build/project utility in the style of rake.

Not trying to reinvent wheel. Most node project Makefiles are just Bash scripts.


npm install bake-bash


Display tasks


Run task

bake <task>

Example Bakefile

function private {
    echo in private
#. Builds the project 
function build {
    # ensures clean is called only once 
    bake-invoke "clean"
    bake-ok building ...
    # clean will not run again 
    bake-invoke "clean"
#. Cleans the project 
function clean {
    bake-ok "cleaning ..."
#. Renders 
function render-template {
    bake-ok "compiling template ..."
    bake-render-template | cat
    bake-ok "coffe" "compiled"
function on-task-not-found {
    echo "Task not found $1"


  • bake searches the current and parent directories for a Bakefile to run.
  • Tasks are defined as normal Bash functions.
  • A task description is simply a comment that starts with #. and precedes a function.


Prints a red error message.

bake-error <action> <description>

example: bake-error "compiling" "src/lib/"

Prints a plain message.

bake-log <action> <description>

example: bake-log "bake" "Processing bakefile..."

Prints a green ok message.

bake-ok <action> <description>

example: bake-ok "compiling" "compiled src/lib/test.js"

Prints a cyan info message.

bake-info <action> <description>

example: bake-info "bake" "built project in 700ms"

Invokes a task only once.

bake-invoke <function_name>

example: bake-invoke "clean"

Determines if target is older than reference, returning 1 if outdated.

bake-outdated <target> <reference>


bake-outdated build src || return 1      # skip rest of task
outdated build src && invoke "compile"  # compile if outdated

Renders a heredoc file template

bake-render-template > newfile.txt

Run a dynamic task when task $1 is not found. For example, to run a test as the first argument to bake, add this to Bakefile

function on-task-not-found {
    [[ -f test/$1.js ]] && mocha test/$1.js && return 0
    return 1