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Delightful modern web applications framework for hapi.js


✓ Built on top of hapi.js, A rich framework for building applications and services

✓ Optionally using Controllers for routing

✓ Single file configuration without need to extra boilerplate

✓ CLI & Dev friendly tools

✓ Stable and rich echo-system of hapi compatible plugins

✓ Modular design without modifying core

Getting started

Install bak package:

yarn add bak

Create bak.config.js;

module.exports = {
  prefix: '/api',
  routes: [

Create controllers/api.js:

const { Controller } = require('bak')
module.exports class APIController extends Controller {
  // Auto magically creates /api/hello/{name} route
  hello_$name (request, h) {
    return 'Hello ' +

Start server:

yarn bak start

Your API is up! Now you can visit http://localhost:3000/api/hello/world for the results.


Copyright (c) 2016-2017 Fandogh - Pooya Parsa

Released under The MIT LICENSE