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Elastic Search API

Basic node.js library to access elastic search functionality.

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npm install baio-es


npm test


Gulp demands node version >= 0.10

gulp --require coffee-script/register

API reference



  • All queries return Q promises
  • Injectors for http and log modules
  • Add custom queries easily

Q promises

Each function in library return Q promise, no more callbacks!


Use custom http or log module

Http module

Inject - es.injector("$http", ...);

Module should expose request(opts) method with Q promise to return resulted response in JSON object

    //opts structure
        uri : "http://...", //request uri to elastic search server
        method : "get", //get, post or delete http method
        json : {}, //json formatted data to server
        body : {}, //string data pass to server

Promise should return response from elastic search server (json formatted)

Log module

Inject - es.injector("$log", ...);

Should expose log method similar to standard console.log

Custom queries

Add custom query

    es.queryTemplates.admin_cookies_count_tripled =
     parent : "count"
     req: (opts) -> #format data to send
      bool :
        must :
          term :
            user : "admin"
          term :
            cookie_type : opts.cookie_type
     resp: (res) -> res * 3 #parse data when received
    es.query("admin_cookies_count_tripled", {cookie_type : "chocolate"}).then (cnt) ->
    es.query("admin_cookies_count_tripled", {cookie_type : "lemon"}).then (cnt) ->

parent property

  • Define another query.req which will be used to format data, after current req formatting.
  • When data received from server they will be passed to previous formatters in chain then result of transformation will be passed to resp method.

Chain of custom queries could be created as needed.

2014 Max Putilov, Data-Avail

Baio-es may be freely distributed under the MIT license.