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Todo list in bash. No buckets, no priorities, no features, just awesomeness.


Download badoop and put it in your $PATH. You could try this:

curl -o /usr/local/bin

If you have npm installed, you can install badoop like this:

npm install -g badoop


Use it like so:

$ badoop Put badoop up on GitHub
$ badoop Finish blog post about badoop
$ badoop
  • put badoop up on GitHub
  • badoop Finish blog post about badoop
$ badoop -d GitHub
$ badoop
  • badoop Finish blog post about badoop

badoop can do four things.

  1. badoop with no arguments lists all todo items.
  2. badoop followed by anything but a -d or -h will add that as a todo item to your todo list.
  3. badoop -d deletes any todo items matching the arguments passed in next
  4. badoop -h prints out a help message.

It doesn't do anything with priorities or sorting or nesting or tagging or logging or anything. If you are wondering if it has a certain feature, the answer is no. Frankly, if your todo list is that complicated, you may have too many things to do. You should use a different todo app, or do less things.

Where The List is Stored

By default, badoop looks for a $TODO environment variable defining a path to a text file to use as the todo list. If it doesn't exist, it will use ~/.todo.txt as the todo list.

Cloud Storage Woop Woop

Things 2 just got cloud storage. Pffffft. badoop has had this forever.

$ badoop Tell everyone about my sweet cloud storage.
$ badoop
  • Tell everyone about my sweet cloud storage.

Consider it clouded.


Run the tests with ./test. Make sure you have roundup to run them. If you add new features, add new tests for them please.


  • npm test doesn't like roundup. The tests never exit.