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Bacontrap Build Status

Mousetrap inspired keyboard shortcuts implemented with Bacon.js.

Unlike Mousetrap, Bacontrap is not a standalone library: Bacon.js and jQuery/Zepto are dependencies. Since these provide functionality for Bacontrap, the library itself is even smaller than Mousetrap.


Download the latest generated javascript and include it in your app. JQuery and Bacon.js also need to be included on the page.

Or, if you're using Bower:

$ bower install bacontrap

Npm package is also available:

$ npm install bacontrap --save


Bacontrap.bind('4').onValue(function() { console.log('4'); });
Bacontrap.bind('?').onValue(function() { console.log('show shortcuts!'); });
Bacontrap.bind('esc').onValue({ console.log('escape'); });
// combinations 
Bacontrap.bind('command+shift+k').onValue(function() { console.log('command shift k'); });
Bacontrap.bind(['command+k', 'ctrl+k']).onValue(function(event) {
  console.log('command k or control k');
  // prevent default browser behaviour 
  // and stop event from bubbling 
  // return value is used by Bacon to control stream end 
  return Bacon.more;
// gmail style sequences 
Bacontrap.bind('g i').onValue(function() { console.log('go to inbox'); });
Bacontrap.bind('* a').onValue(function() { console.log('select all'); });
// shift+letter = LETTER 
Bacontrap.bind('G').onValue(function() { console.log('shift+g'); });
Bacontrap.bind('shift+g').onValue(function() { console.log('also triggered'); });
// konami code! 
Bacontrap.bind('up up down down left right left right b a enter').onValue(function() {
  console.log('konami code');


The build process runs on gulp. Assuming npm is installed, dependencies can be installed by running

$ npm install

After that, you can run use local gulp from ./node_modules/.bin/gulp or have it installed globally with

$ npm install -g gulp

Then you should be able to run tests with

$ gulp test

To continously run tests after file changes use

$ gulp watch

There's also a gulp task for compiling distributable JS files.

$ gulp dist


  • Test with Internet Explorer
  • Escape as modifier key
  • Maybe support for different key events (keydown/keyup)
  • Keyboard shortcuts using cmd/ctrl are not triggered on Google Chrome, but using these is probably a bad idea anyway
  • Pressing modifier keys do not interrupt shortcut sequences