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    The default export of this library

    import K from "bacon.combines"

    is a special purpose Bacon observable combinator designed for combining properties for a sink that accepts both observables and constant values such as VDOM extended to accept observables.

    Unlike typical observable combinators, when K is invoked with only constants (no observables), then the result is computed immediately and returned as a plain value. This optimization eliminates redundant observables.

    The basic semantics of K can be described as

    K(x1, ..., xN, fn) === combine([x1, ..., xN], fn).skipDuplicates(identical)

    where combineWith and skipDuplicates come from Kefir and identical from Ramda. Duplicates are skipped, because that can reduce unnecessary updates. Ramda's identical provides a semantics of equality that works well within the context of embedding properties to VDOM.

    Unlike with combine, any argument of K is allowed to be

    • a constant,
    • an observable (including the combiner function), or
    • an array or object containing observables.

    In other words, K also provides functionality similar to combineTemplate.

    Note: K is carefully optimized for space—if you write equivalent combinations using Kefir's own operators, they will likely take more memory.



    npm i bacon.combines

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