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This is a simple backtracking SAT solver written in javascript. I wrote it partially because I needed a SAT solver and partially because I was unable to find a simple example of such an algorithm online.

It has no dependencies and it is written in clean ECMAScript 5. It expects input in Conjunctive Normal Form and will output a model which satisfies the given set of clauses.

You can install it like this:

$ npm i backtrack

and use it like this

var solve = require('backtrack').solve;
var clauses = [
  ['blue', 'green', '-yellow'],
  ['-blue', '-green', 'yellow'],
  ['pink', 'purple', 'green', 'blue', '-yellow']
var variables = ['blue', 'green', 'yellow', 'pink', 'purple'];
var model = solve(variables, clauses);
// model => { purple: true, pink: true, yellow: true, green: true } 

Read the annotated source!

Tests are written in mocha

$ npm test

You can also pass in a model and the solver will inform you if the expression is satisfiable under the assumptions you have given it:

var solvable = solve(variables, clauses, {blue: true, yellow: false, green: true});
// solvable => false 

Since the second clause is now unsolvable, the entire expression is unsolvable.