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select component based on backbone ## Introduction It is a lightweight, small size and powerful select component,which is more beautiful than browser select.when changed,it will trigger changed event,which arguments will include oldVal,newVal,isDefault. ## Feature

  • single select,just like radio
  • multiple select,just like checkbox
  • customize yourself className to change list item stylesheet
  • adaptable width and height
  • AMD or CMD support
  • ...


It is based on backbone. So ,it is depend on jquery,underscore, must install those before using backselect. if you have installed jquery,underscore,backbone,you can use it,like below

  • install it npm install backselect
  • include select.js and select.css in your html.


you can give options just like new BackSelect(options).


  • el ,just like Backbone.View options el ,which define parent element,always be div
  • collection ,just like Backbone.View options collection,which must be a Backbone.Collection instance,and the model must include name,value attributes,also can include className.The value must be uniqued.The className will be added into the list item whether which is selected,which can define yourself stylesheet for list item.
  • itemType ,select type,must be backbone_radio or backbone_check.if it is undefined or null,it is be setted backbone_radio.
  • itemCount ,show item count in a row ,just used when itemType is backbone_check.if it is undefined or null,backselect will compute to adaptable parent element's width.
  • default ,which item will be selected when initializing.
  • silent ,if it is true,backselect instance will trigger changed event after having gived default
  • placeholder ,just like input element's placeholder,default value ''
  • empty, whether show an empty item ,just used when itemType is backbone_radio,default value false
  • disabled,whether make backselect disabled,default value false

single select

var options = {
        el: '#example_01',
        collection: collection,
        placeholder: '请选择级别',
        default: ['1'],
        silent: true,
var roleSelect = new BackSelect(options);
var otherView = new Backbone.View();
otherView.listenTo(roleSelect, 'changed', changed);

multiple select

var options = {
        el: '#example_01',
        collection: collection,
        placeholder: '请选择级别',
        default: ['1'],
        silent: true,
var roleSelect = new BackSelect(options);
var otherView = new Backbone.View();
otherView.listenTo(roleSelect, 'changed', changed);


I welcome contributions of all kinds from anyone.



add click text like icon


optimize css


add auto height


use base64 to replace image request and remove image


add box-sizing attribute that is content-box


add disabled status,then backselect can be disabled by adding disabled:true in options or add disabled class to its parent element


add bower command,install it using bower install backselect.


  • fix icon show problem
  • fix placeholder problem
  • fix problem when mutiple backbone instance open or close at the same time
  • add border color when opening
  • add all item when itemType is backbone_check
  • add empty item when itemType is backbone_radio
  • fix item width problem
  • add title attribute

Older releases

These releases were done before starting to maintain the above Changelog:


Licensed under the MIT License