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Imagine magnolia as a personalized backend point! Full integration of basic business components in Magnolia: Datatables, Highcharts & Download it from npm: link

How to install.

This is Magnolia light module project ready to use by the community. To install it, just save this module into your light components folder as "backoffice-light-module" to fit with magnolia needs You can see details for the demo at [Open expo presentation](


  • Extends travel-demo theme adding new components (but not dependant!)
  • GridSystem components via bootstrap
  • integration + custom events or google calendar customization (link)
  • Highcharts integration (link)
  • Datatables integration (link)
  • Dependency system via bower
  • Libraries included (ready to use)
  • Includes library helper for common purpose like data sending, user messaging and txt formatting (see
  • Ready to use with backoffice-blossom-module for CRUD operations and dynamic data
  • Design or theme independant
  • Target: Personalize content in complex portals for any client, without connecting to admin central
  • To be done: gulp integration and themepack
  • To be done II: adapt to Vuejs


  • Integrate any table from a repository using datatables.
  • Select your own custom data backend (in or out of magnolia), or choose a jcr repository for displaying it.
  • Add your own headers
  • Select the data you want to be rendered
  • Create your custom actions, posting selected data, displaying modals o just an update
  • Order any selected data in the view point as you want



  • Create quick charts depending on your own data
  • Ready to use with different kind of charts
  • Support for several series Screenshot


  • Custom JCR events for periods, days, or hour events
  • Customize view options
  • Works with your own google calendar
  • Link your own event API to personalize content Screenshot


  • Basic and easy gridcomponent via bootstrap with small footprint



  • Just copy it to your light modules repo
  • See the example home page provided to know with references you must add as components
  • Uses bootstrap & jquery to maximize compatibility
  • Install magnolia cli to create your components

How to use in your own theme or module:

  1. Add to your target page this 'availableComponents'
  • datatable-btk (id: backoffice-light-module:components/datatable-btk)
  • highchart-btk (id: backoffice-light-module:components/highchart-btk)
  • fullcalendar-btk (id: backoffice-light-module:components/fullcalendar-btk)
  • gridComponent ( id: backoffice-light-module:components/grid)
  1. To be done in your own page:
  • Include macro/btk-util.ftl
  • set after body start tag <@setDeferJquery openJsTags=true/>
  • set before body end tag <@getJSLinks!/>
  1. Customize your theme:
  • See references to /.resources/backoffice-light-module/ in 'backend-basic-theme'
  1. Get in love with with helpers
  2. Check how the blossom module works and extends it! (backoffice-magnolia)
  3. Cook with love and enjoy

Information on Magnolia CMS

This directory is a Magnolia 'light module'.


MIT License (c) 2017 Alberto Soto Fernández


  • Alberto Soto Fernandez (github)

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