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Notification library for Backbone.js

Demo [here]( "").
Backbone.Tango is a Backbone.js notification library based on [toastr]( "").
> Bower
bower install backbone.tango --save

> npm
npm install backbone.tango --save

###Basic usage
Start by including both the javascript and the css files.
```html ```
Create a new `Notifier` instance.
```javascript var notifier = new Backbone.Tango.Notifier(); ```
Notifications are generated through the `success`, `info`, `warning` and `error` methods. These methods return an instance of `Backbone.Tango.View`, a subclass of `Backbone.View`.
```javascript notifier.success('Success!!!');'The more you know...');



An options object can be provided as a second argument.

notifier.success('Success!!!', {
    position: 'bottom-left',
    timeout: 3000

We can define a default set of options when creating a notifier instance. These options will be applied to all notifications generated from it.
```javascript var notifier = new Backbone.Tango.Notifier({ position: 'top-left' });

notifier.success('Going left');

**View options**

 * position: Determines the place where notifications are shown. Values accepted: `top-right`, `top-left`, `bottom-right`, `bottom-left`, `top-center`, `bottom-center`, `top-full-width`, `bottom-full-width` (default: `top-right`).
 * timeout: The amount of time (in milliseconds) a notification remains visible (default: `5000`).
 * newestOnTop: Determines if new notifications are rendered on top of old ones (default: true).
 * type: Notification type. Values: `info`, `success`, `error`, `warning`, `loader` (default: `undefined`). 
 * render: Determines if the notification is renderer automatically after creation (default: `true`).
 * clearAll: When true, all notifications are removed except for the current one (Default: `false`).
 * clearContainer: When true, all notifications rendered in the same container are hided (Default: `false`).
 * viewClass: The default view class (Default: `Backbone.Tango.View`).

**Style options**

 * cssClass: A CSS class used for all notification views. When a notification defines a `type` it will also be used to generate an additional class ("tango-success", "tango-warning", etc) (default: `tango`).
 * showMethod: The jQuery method used to show the current view (default: `fadeIn`).
 * showDuration: The amount of time (in milliseconds) for the specified show animation (default: 250).
 * showEasing: The easing method used for the specified show animation (default: `swing`).
 * hideMethod: The jQuery method used to hide the current view (default: `fadeOut`).
 * hideDuration: The amount of time (in milliseconds) for the specified hide animation (default: `850`).
 * hideEasing: The easing method used for the specified hide animation (default: `swing`).

**Events options**

 * tapToDismiss: Determines if a view is removed after a *click* event (default: *true*).
 * extendedTimeout: The time in milliseconds in which a notification remains visible after a hover event (default: 1000).
 * onShown: A function called when a view is shown (default: *undefined*).
 * onHidden: A function called when a view is hdden (default: *undefined*).

**Container options**

Containers are elements that wrap one or more notificacions in order to be displayed in the requested position. When a notification is removed from screen it also checks if the current container has any childs left. Empty containers are removed as well.

 * target: The element where all notification containers are appended to (default: `body`).
 * containerBaseId: All containers are generated using and id that combines this option and the position where is rendered (default: `tango-container`).
 * containerClass: A CSS class used for all containers (default: `tango-container`). Containers also include an additional CSS class associated with the position.

**Overlay options**

 * overlay: When true, an overlay is appended to the document before showing the notification (Default: `false`).
 * overlayClass: The CSS class used by the overlay (Default `tango-overlay`).

**Template options**

 * template: The function used to generate a notification view (default: `undefined`, when no template is found then a default one is used).
 * templateFn: A function that receives a list of options and returns a template function. It has priority over the `template` option (default: `undefined`).
 * includeDefaultVars: When true, additional values like `nid` (notification id) and `cssClass` are added to the template arguments (Default: `true`).
 * templateVars: Additional vars that are provided to the template (Default: `null`).

###Using templates

This example illustrates how to use a default notification template using Undercore.js. We start by adding the following snippet to our page.

<script type="text/template" id="notifier-tpl">
    <div class="tango">

Now we create a new notifier instance using that template.
```javascript var Notifier = Backbone.Tango.Notifier;

var notifier = new Notifier({ template: _.template($('#notifier-tpl').html()) });

This template receives a `title` and a `message` argument. We need to provide them using an object.

    title: 'Hello',
    message: 'This is my custom template'

Notification templates receive an additional argument called `cssClass` that is generated on runtime and contains a string with the predefined CSS classes for that element.
```html ```
The `cssClass` property is created using the `cssClass` option and the specified notification type. For example, a success notification will receive a `cssClass` containing *"tango tango-success"*. Templates also receive an `nid` and an `options` object. The first contains a numeric value that identifies the generated view while the second contains the options specified for that notification.
The callbacks `onShown` and `onHidden` are invoked after their respective animations are completed. They receive both the data and the options objects as arguments and use the current view as the context.
```javascript var notifier = new Backbone.Tango.Notifier();

notifier.warning('Stop right there criminal scum!', { onShown: function(data, options) { console.log('Message "' + data.message + '" was showed.'); },

onHidden: function(data, options) {
    console.log('Notification was showed for about ' + (options.timeout / 1000) + ' seconds.');

timeout: 7000


We can also bind a callback to a view event just like any regular *Backbone* view. During its lifetime, a `Tango.View` instance triggers a `shown` and a `hidden` event. Any callback triggered by the `shown` event is called before the `onShown` callback. Same goes for the `hidden` event handler and the `onHidden` callback.

var notifier = new Backbone.Tango.Notifier();
var view ="The princess is in another castle");

// Bind a callback to the 'shown' event
view.on('shown', function(view, data, options) {
    console.log('Showing view "' + view.cid + '"');

// Bind a callback to the 'hidden' event
view.on('hidden', function(view, data, options) {
    console.log('Removing view "' + view.cid + '"');

###Custom notifications
The next example shows a custom notification view class that includes a closing button. The associated event has been defined through the `events` object in the class declaration. Notice that we also added a static property called `defaults`. This value will be used as the default configuration when creating our notifier object.
```javascript var View = Backbone.Tango.View;

// CloseableNotification class var CloseableNotification = View.extend({ events: { "click .close-button": "close" },

close: function(e) {

}, { defaults: { template: _.template($('#closeable-tpl').html()),

    tapToDismiss: false,
    timeout: 0,
    extendedTimeout: 0


Now we create a new notifier instance using this class as the argument. The notifier instance will then import the configuration from the `defaults` property.

var Notifier = Backbone.Tango.Notifier;

// Import defaults from CloseableNotification
var notifier = new Notifier(CloseableNotification);{
    title: 'Welcome',
    message: 'How are you today?'

We could also use the `make` method instead. This method receives a view class, the data to display and an additional options object.
```javascript var Notifier = Backbone.Tango.Notifier;

var view = notifier.make(CloseableNotification, { title: 'Welcome', message: 'How are you today?' });


Loaders are a special type of notification that are generated using the `loader` method. By default they include a small css animation just before the text.

var notifier = new Backbone.Tango.Notifier();

Loaders have a default `timeout` of 0 and don't listen to the `click` event, which means they'll never disappear unless we call its `hide` method.
```javascript var notifier = new Backbone.Tango.Notifier(); var view = notifier.loader('Loading...');

// Show loader for 4 seconds setTimeout(function () { view.hide(); }, 4000);


This library is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

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