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Backbone-serverside - Node.js server-side Backbone adapters

This project helps to run Backbone applications on node.js servers. It includes a few replacements of Backbone classes that are DOM dependent (history and view). After this Backbone is still jQuery dependent, but e.g. Cheerio can be used for server-side jQuery subset.

The project assumes Node.js on the server side. It is intended as a workaround for the robots (so that you would not need to write a separate server-side app for them).

The service is with Backbone 1.0, yet it might work for earlier or later revisions, too.

If you happen to be in San Francisco for HTML5DevConf, be sure to attend a presentation opening up backbone-serverside in more detail.


Installing the project itself is easy. Both build system dependencies and app dependencies are triggered by

> npm install


The replacements alone will only take you half-way. Currently the project includes an example on how to apply them with RequireJS and Node.js / Express. Use it as a boilerplate for your app.

Try the example through the bundled RequireJS + Express version. Within the 'express/requirejs' directory, run

> bower install
> npm install

It should be noted that you need to have bower installed to pull the client-side dependencies.


  • Write better usage instructions & little bit on the context
  • The server is fragile and likely multiple concurrent requests will cause a lot of headache.
  • Use express-device for detecting robots to better understand on how to deal with different agents
  • Anybody heard of writing tests for your app?

Release History

  • 2013/03/25 - v0.1.0 - Initial release


Copyright (c) 2013 SC5 Online, licensed for users and contributors under MIT license.