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Backbone on Express

Backbone on Express is a MV* framework that leverages Backbone.js for the client-side and server-side with some help from the Express framework. The idea is to share as many components between the server-side and client-side as possible.


npm install anvil.js -g
npm install backbone-on-express -g
sudo npm link backbone-on-express
mkdir myApp
cd myApp
anvil gen boe
anvil gen boe:crud
backbone server

API Documentation

Backbone on Express uses Backbone, so everything that Backbone can do can also be done here.

Additionally, the API Documentation outlines methods and functionality that is provided by Backbone on Express.


  • Error Logging
  • Front-End Helpers
  • Documentation
  • Scaffolding (Anvil)
  • Build Process (Anvil)
  • Unit Testing (Mocha)
  • Socket-IO Integration
  • Option for Mustache templates (Currently, only EJS is available)
  • Storage Options for couchdb, Riak, MySQL, Redis and LocalStorage. (Currently, only Mongoose is available)