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Helper to render a view based on a backbone-model.


This is a tiny module to ease the construction of views in backbone.

I'm a fan of using no template engine for dynamically rendering a view in backbone for gaining better performance. This helper takes a little bit of the boilerplate. Use it with browserify.

$ npm install backbone-model-view
$ git clone git://
$ cd backbone-model-view/
$ npm install
$ npm test
var View = require('backbone-model-view');
var MyView = Backbone.View.extend({
  el: '#my-view',
  template: '<h1 data-text="title"></h1>',
  initialize: function() {
    this.el.innerHTML = this.template;
    this.view = View(this.el, this.model);
  render: function() {
      .map('data-text', function(el, name, value) {
        el.textContent = value;

Notice that the mapping is only applied to changed model-properties. If the property hasn't changed the function isn't called. So multiple calls to .render() without changed data do nothing.

Searches for all elements with the attribute attr and applies fn to it. But this is only done if the model-property with the name of the value of the attribute has been changed.

Does the same as #map() but searches only the first element and maps it.