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Backbone CSV

Server-side overrides for Backbone to use node-csv-parser for Model persistence.

This module only implements the read/GET method at this moment. I'm open to pull requests.


Pass a filepath to the CSV file (will be created if it doesn't exist yet) when calling require().

var Backbone = require('backbone');
Backbone.sync = require('backbone-csv')('./data.csv').sync;

// Backbone.sync will now load and save models from data.csv.


backbone-csv stores models in the CSV file using the column name set in idAttribute as its key.

Given a CSV file with the following format:

"name", "city"
"University of Michigan", "Ann Arbor"
"Massachussetts Institute of Technology", "Cambridge"
"Stanford University", "Stanford"

You can load it as a Collection in the following way:

var SchoolModel = Backbone.Model.extend({idAttribute: "name"});
var SchoolCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({model: SchoolModel});

var schools = new SchoolCollection();

// Retrieves SchoolModels with the following attributes:
// {name: "University of Michigan", city: "Ann Arbor"}
// {name: "Massachusetts Institute of Technology", city: "Cambridge"}
// {name: "Stanford University", city: "Stanford"}