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A server-side adapter that caches Backbone.fetch requests using Redis.

Backbone Cache Sync

An implementation of Backbone.sync that takes the cache: true option. This will store the response in Redis keyed by the url. The next request to that url with cache: true will fetch the cached data from Redis instead of making a GET request. Requires backbone-super-sync.

REDIS_URL = "redis://";
NODE_ENV = "production";
var Backbone = require('backbone');
Backbone.sync = require('backbone-super-sync');
cacheSync = require('backbone-cache-sync');
cacheSync(Backbone.sync, REDIS_URL, DEFAULT_CACHE_TIME, NODE_ENV);
model = new Backbone.Model({id: 'bar'});
model.urlRoot = '/foo';
model.fetch({cache: true});

Please fork the project and submit a pull request with tests. Install node modules npm install and run tests with make test