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Backbeam server

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Backbeam-server is a compatible implementation of, a cloud backend-as-a-service. This project is maintained by the creators of Backbeam and this project will pass similar tests to keep its compatibility.



If you are upgrading from 0.5.x to 0.6.x, please see the CHANGELOG

Why an Open Source version?

We want our customers to be happy and one of the things that most worry our customers is the vendor-lockin problem. Providing an Open Source implementation solves this problem.

Another important reason is flexibility. Having the opportunity to host your own backbeam-compatible stack you can do many things such as:

  • You can install backbeam-server in your Continuous Integration server for testing purpouses
  • If you are developing a new SDK for you can test it locally with backbeam-server.
  • Soon you will be able to dump your data from to your machines and import the data to a local instance to inspect the data carefully for: machine learning, data mining, reporting, pattern-finding, etc.

How does it differ from

  • With backbeam-server you will have to implement your infrastructure to support scalability, backups, server configuration, security protection, etc.
  • supports code versioning itself. With backbeam-server you just need to use your favorite version control tool.


  • Fist step: install backbeam-server: npm install backbeam-server -g
  • Create a directory where you want to start a project.
  • Navigate to that directory with the command line.
  • Run backbeam create. This will generate the basic structure
  • Check the database configuration in the generated config.json file.
  • Check that mysql is running
  • Run backbeam start.
  • Browse http://localhost:3000 in your browser and you will see an example web controller running.
  • Browse http://localhost:3000/admin in your browser and you will see the admin panel.
  • Change controllers, assets, etc. You don't need to restart backbeam, just refresh your browser.
  • If you change the data model in config.json you need to run: backbeam migrate with the server running or you can go to the admin panel to refresh the configuration (Configuration → Schmea changes and then Reload configuration). That will show you the required SQL commands to update your database schema. You can run them by clicking on Run SQL commands.

What does it support?

Both and backbeam-server provide the following features

  • Database
  • REST API (with Open Source SDKs for iOS, Android and JavaScript)
  • Users authentication (email+password, Twitter, Facebook or Google+)
  • Push notifications for iOS and Android
  • Server-side code execution in JavaScript
  • Full-featured MVC web framework
  • A real-time API


  • Almost full bql support on top of mysql
  • Implementation of admin panel
  • Implementation of all features (users authentication, push notifications,...)
  • Finish implementation of bql on top of mysql
  • Custom bql functionlity for mysql
  • Plugin system


npm i backbeam-server

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