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Sync a local folder to Backand AWS S3 hosting bucket

  1. Require

     var gulp = require('gulp');
     var backandSync = require('../sync-module');
  2. Set credentials. Credentials will be stored in file .backand-credentials.json:

     gulp.task('sts', function(){
         var masterToken = "your master backand token";
         var userToken = "your user backand token"; 
         return backandSync.sts(masterToken, userToken);
  3. Sync folder ./src

     gulp.task('dist', function() {   
         var folder = "./src";
         return backandSync.dist(folder);
  4. Syncing is done via local cache file .awspublish-<bucketname>. Repeated add/delete of the same file may confuse it. To clean the cache do:

     gulp.task('clean', function() {
         return backandSync.clean();