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NOTE: This project is still in development, and not production ready. Though hopefully soon it will be.

Backbone allows you to communicate beteween models on the client and server. Back-On-Promise is a library that wraps some of the Backbone methods (e.g. get) to return promises for data. A developer can then use these relationships transparently without worrying about whether the relationship has been synced or not.

Back-On-Promise is aiming to be usable in both a browser, and a node.js server. Back-On-Promise, its tests, and its examples are written in coffeescipt because typing function hundreds of times is not fun.

To install

npm install back-on-promise


The easiest way to describe its features is to give a few examples based on creating a blog.

BOP = require 'back-on-promise'
class User extends BOP.BOPModel
class Post extends BOP.BOPModel
class Posts extends Backbone.Collection
  model: Post

BOP lets you define relationships between backbone models using the has 'attribute', Model, {options} function. By default the relationship will be treated as a subdocument, e.g.

Given a Post looks like:

  name: 'FooBar Post',
  tags: [{name: 'foo'}, {name: 'bar'}]

This relationship is defined like:

class Tag extends Backbone.Model
class Tags extends Backbone.Collection
class Post extends BOP.BOPModel
  @has 'tags', Tags

NOTE: Tag does not have to be a BOPModel

Relationships between documents are defined by passing the option method: 'fetch', e.g.

class Posts extends Backbone.Collection
  url: -> 'http://user/#{}/posts
  model: Post
class User extends BOP.BOPModel
  @has 'posts', Posts, method: 'fetch', reverse: 'user'
user = new User(id: 1)
$.when(user.get('posts')).done( (posts) -> console.log posts)

Fetching the posts by calling get('posts') is expencive, so it returns a promise for the posts which can be handeled later.

Development Goals

Testing and implementation of basic blog in node.