A web-based ACE editor controlled by server-side scripts.


A web-based ACE editor and bash with a minimal interface to your server.

The bace github project can be found here.

  • ACE web editor can be used from any browser
  • Features built into ACE are supported, see website
  • Advanced ACE-editor-based terminal to server shell
  • Most operations use command line
  • Can edit any directory tree on server
  • Fast, uses socket-io

Page shows editor and empty nav bar. That's all.

TODO ...

  • Almost everything

npm install bace

  • make sure port 8935 is open
  • cd /yourdir/node_modules/bace
  • node bace.js
  • browse to https://yourdomain:8935
  • log in as admin:basicRocks

Standard MIT license. See the LICENSE file.