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A collection of babelrcs for the v8 versions that ship with node.


The object returned by requiring this looks like:

  "": "babelrc-v8-3-11-10-17",
  "": "babelrc-v8-3-28-71-19",

The left hand side is a v8 version and the right hand side is a module that has the name of a module that will provide barebones babelrc for that version of v8. Using a babelrc matching the v8 version will give you code as close to what you wrote as is possible– possibly with no changes at all if you don't use any features that are unsupported by your version of v8.

If you want the path of one of these babelrcs, suitable to passing to babel --babelrc:

var pathToBabelrc = require.resolve('babelrc-v8/babelrcs/babelrc-v8-3-11-10-17')