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babel-plugin-nofn npm version

Experimental Babel plugin which takes function call and transpiles it to inline code.

npm i --save-dev babel-plugin-nofn

The plugin converts function calls like:

nofn.forEach(arr, (value, index) => {
    doSomething(value, index);

To something like this:

for (var target = arr, index = 0, value, l = target.length; value = target[index], index < l; index++) {
    doSomething(value, index);

Which can be converted via minifier into this:

for(var b=arr,a=0,c,d=b.length;c=b[a],a<d;a++){doSomething(c,a)}



Where nofn is "meta variable" name (kind of "label" for converter). If you need "real" nofn library (for development purposes), look at the /lib/ folder.


  • High performance for general tasks
  • No dependencies
  • "Sugared" function-call-like syntax


Since this is very new version, the number of implemented functions is very small.

  • nofn.forEach(arrayLike, callback(value, index)) - iterates over array items
  • nofn.forOwn(object, callback(value, key)) - iterates over object props
  • nofn.assign(target, source) - extends one object by another
  • nofn.slice(arrayLike, start=0, end=length) - slices array

Syntax restrictions (known issues)

  • Don't use var in callbacks. Use let and const only to avoid variable collisions.
  • Use only arrow functions because this keyword isn't handled yet.


In general the plugin shows very good performance results but some functions from lodash or fast.js can be little faster.


  • Moar functions
  • Moar performance if possible
  • Improve folder structure

Current status

As described above, this is just experimental project. The usage is limited (for example nofn.assign accepts only two objects and nofn.slice doesn't accept negative indexes) and you may not get any profit using this plugin.