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The 'Baas' in 'Baasil' stands for 'Backend as a Service' - Its goal is to provide the same simplicity as BaaS solutions but without compromising flexibility and without the lock-in factor and associated costs.

More concretely, Baasil is a command line tool for creating app boilerplates on your local machine and deploying them to any Rancher Kubernetes environment with a single command. Other Kubernetes environments may be supported in the future, but right now it's just Rancher. The main difference between environments tends to be the load balancer.

Right now, the only boilerplate/framework supported is SCC; see SocketCluster ( but we hope to add more in the future (and maybe turn this project into a package manager for Kubernetes-based frameworks - So feel free to get involved!).

SCC is a scalable boilerplate/framework which is designed from the ground up to run natively on Rancher/Kubernetes. It can scale across any number of hosts to support millions of concurrent users without having to change any code. Currently, it doesn't support any database so you should use an external DB service if you need to store persistent state - Other than that, it's ideal for building your own stateless pub/sub service.


You need to have the following installed on your host to be able to use Baasil:

You also need access to the following:

  • Any Rancher control panel configured with Kubernetes - You can deploy your own Rancher panel on Amazon AWS (EC2) - Or if you're too lazy to setup your own, we offer access to a shared Rancher panel on (currently in Beta).
  • Any Docker image repository - We recommend DockerHub


You can install Baasil using:

sudo npm install -g baasil

You can setup and run your SCC app locally by following these instructions:

Then, to create your Rancher/K8s infrastructure and deploy your app to it, you should continue reading:

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