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Azure Mobile Services Recipe Core Module


Azure Mobile Services Recipe core module

The recipe core module extends Azure CLI (Command Line Interface) to enable globally installed recipe usage and provides function library to simplify recipe development. This module installation is REQUIRED before any recipe usage.

Getting started

Make sure node.js is installed (install at as well as npm modules azure-cli. To do so, run in command line:

npm install -g azure-cli

Note: Azure CLI needs to be installed through npm. Users with Azure CLI installed through the Windows .msi installer will need to uninstall .msi and reintall Azure CLI through npm.

npm install -g azuremobile-recipe

To install a recipe:

npm install -g azuremobile-<recipename>

To execute an installed recipe with user account downloaded and imported and an existing mobile service created, cd to project directory and run in command line:

azure mobile recipe execute <servicename> <recipename>
azure mobile recipe list
azure mobile recipe create <newRecipename>