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    Since Midrosoft is dropping support for library azure-storage, they've been slow to provide an updated, promise-based library for tables. With Azure Storage Tables being widely used, a promise-wrapper seemed like a good idea to reduce code redundancy between projects. We were wrapping methods left and right, project by project, and sometimes not doing a great job of being consistent and re-using code. This module allows users to consistently access the TableService API without further dependencies beyond just azure-storage.


    1. Install from NPM: npm install --save azure-table-promise
    2. Import it into your project using require
    3. Profit


    class PromiseTableService

    Wraps class TableService and provides the exact same API with every callback-style function wrapped in a promise.

    See the docs for azure-storage for complete details of each function and its arguments. Always omit the callback, as the promise automatically will either resolve with the response of the callback, or reject with the callback error.

    function PromiseTableService~queryEntitiesAll<T>(table: string, tableQuery: TableQuery, options?: TableService.TableEntityRequestOptions): Promise<TableService.QueryEntitiesResult<T>>

    Adds support for a fetch-all query by paging through results of method queryEntities.

    function entityResolver

    Method which may be used to resolve table entities from typed EDM properties to plain JavaScript objects.

    function createPromiseTableService

    Method which wraps createTableService for API completeness.

    function createTableService (alias of createPromiseTableService)

    See function createPromiseTableService.

    Property azure

    Exports the azure namespace for convenience, which includes all untouched functions, classes, and constants from library azure-storage.

    Option extensions

    Adds option resolveEntity: boolean to options for retrieveEntity, queryEntities, and queryEntitiesAll methods; automatically uses internal entityResolver function when set to true.

    Tests and Code Coverage

    This library features 100% code coverage, but this is more a feature of the dynamic instantiation of functions than it is an indicator of test completeness. The tests rely on Azurite V2 for validating that the promises work; once Azurite V3 supports Storage Tables it is expected that Microsoft will have released a promise-based library, which in turn removes the need for this library.


    • Aaron Huggins


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