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Microsoft Azure SDK for Node.js - Service Bus Management

This project provides a Node.js package that makes it easy to manage Microsoft Azure Service Bus. Right now it supports:

  • Node.js version: 0.6.15 or higher
  • API version: 2013-08-01


  • Manage namespace
  • Manage queue
  • Manage topic
  • Manage relay
  • Manage notification hub

How to Install

npm install azure-mgmt-sb

How to Use


This library support management certificate authentication. To authenticate the library for the REST API calls, you need to

Create the ServiceBusManagementClient

var fs           = require('fs'),
    sbManagement = require('azure-mgmt-sb');
var sbManagementClient = sbManagement.createServiceBusManagementClient(sbManagement.createCertificateCloudCredentials({
  subscriptionId: '<your subscription id>',
  pem: fs.readFileSync('<your pem file>')

Manage Namespace

var namespaceName = "namespace01";
// Create a namespace. 
sbManagementClient.namespaces.create(namespaceName, "West US", function (err, result) {
  if (err) {
  } else {;

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