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Windows Azure SDK for Node.js

This project provides a Node.js package that makes it easy to access Windows Azure Storage Metrics.

With Windows Azure Websites you can deploy node.js applications to the cloud in just seconds using git.

For documentation on how to host Node.js applications on Windows Azure, please see the Windows Azure Node.js Developer Center.

Library Features

  • Capacity Metrics
    • Retrieve daily capacity metrics for all blobs in an Azure account
  • Transaction Metrics
    • Retrieve hourly transaction metrics for all blobs, queues and tables in an Azure account
  • Filter by date
    • Specify a begin date and optional end date when retrieving metrics

Getting Started

Download Source Code

To get the source code of the SDK via git just type:

git clone
cd ./azure-metrics

Download Package

Alternatively, to get the source code via the Node Package Manager (npm), type

npm install azure-metrics

You can use these packages against the cloud Windows Azure Services.


Blob Capacity Metrics

var opts = {};
opts.beginDate = new Date().addDays(-5);    // Retrieve the last 5 days of metrics
var metricsService = azure-metrics.createMetricsService();
metricsService.getBlobCapacities( opts, function(error, capacityEntities){
    if(error === null){
        // use capacityEntities JSON data

If you encounter any bugs with the library please file an issue in the Issues section of the project.

Learn More

Windows Azure Node.js Developer Center