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    This package provides a succinct NodeJS API for receiving device-to-cloud messages from an Azure IoT Hub instance without a lot of boilerplate. It's fast to get up and running, but configurable where it counts if needed.

    It will combine receivers on all partitions (or a filtered set of partition IDs that you specify) within a consumer group, and supplies a single message event to attach a handler to.

    I wrote this because I found myself writing the same receiver boilerplate code for every NodeJS project that handled telemetry from devices in some way. It's not for every use case, but it's great when you just want to act on every message coming in from devices out in the field.

    For an example of how I'm using it with a physical device, see my study-temp project, where I use websockets to create a Twitch widget to report the temperature of my room. For more examples using a simulated device, check out the section in the doc that details the samples in the examples folder.


    1. Install NodeJS version 4.2 or higher
    2. Run npm install --save azure-iothub-receiver in your project folder

    Example usage

    The following example will get you up and running with the basics. You'll need a connection string for your Azure IoT Hub instance. You can find this under the 'Shared Access Policies' link when viewing the IoT Hub within your Azure Portal.

    const Receiver = require('azure-iothub-receiver');
    const options = {
      connectionString: '<your Azure IoT Hub connection string>' 
    const receiver = new Receiver(options);
    receiver.on('data', (message) => {
      console.log('annotations:', message.annotations);
      console.log('body:', message.body);
    receiver.on('error', (error) => {

    Extended options

    The options object passed in on Receiver instantiation accepts the following properties:

    Property Required? Default
    connectionString Yes
    consumerGroup No '$Default'
    startTime No
    partitionFilter No []




    npm i azure-iothub-receiver

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