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Azure IoT Edge Core Runtime


This package provides a simple method to start writing Node.js modules for the Azure IoT Edge on Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian or Windows.

  • Contains the Azure IoT Edge core runtime
  • Auto-installs the module dependencies packages for Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian or Windows which also contain the following Azure IoT Edge modules and bindings:
    • ble: Represents a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) device connected to the gateway
    • identitymap: Maps MAC addresses to IoT Hub device IDs/keys
    • iothub: Sends/receives messages to/from mapped devices and IoT Hub
    • logger: Writes received message content to a file
    • Java, Node.js, .NET, .NET Core bindings: Enables you to mix modules from different languages as part of your Gateway module pipeline


  1. npm install -g azure-iot-gateway
  2. Create a gateway_config.json file for your module pipeline (see example at IoT Edge getting started docs)
  3. azure-iot-gateway gateway_config.json
  • gateway_config.json should contain the module (native, .net, node, java) configuration.

Getting Started

A few options: a) install Yeoman generator, b) check out our sample apps GitHub repo, or c) follow these quick start steps for the sample app:

  1. git clone
  2. cd iot-edge-samples/js/simple
  3. npm install to install pre-built core runtime of IoT Edge.
  4. npm run local to start the IoT Edge with pre-defined modules (sensor and printer).

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npm i azure-iot-gateway

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