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Azure DevOps Web Extension SDK


Client SDK for developing Azure DevOps extensions.

The client SDK enables web extensions to communicate to the host frame. It can be used to:

  • Notify the host that the extension is loaded or has errors
  • Get basic contextual information about the current page (current user, host and extension information)
  • Get theme information
  • Obtain an authorization token to use in REST calls back to Azure DevOps
  • Get remote services offered by the host frame

A full API reference of can be found here.

Get started with a new extension

See the Develop a web extension for Azure DevOps documentation for instructions on getting started with a new extension. You can also refer to the azure-devops-extension-sample repository as a working reference.

Import the SDK within your extension project

  1. Add azure-devops-extension-sdk to the list of dependencies in your package.json
  2. Add import * as SDK from "azure-devops-extension-sdk" to your TypeScript code

Initialize the SDK

When you have rendered your extension content, call SDK.init(). Your extension content will not be displayed until you have notified the host frame that you are ready. There are two options for doing this:

  1. Call SDK.init() with no loaded option
  2. Call SDK.init({ loaded: false }) to start initializing the SDK. Then call SDK.notifyLoadSucceeded() once you have finished your initial rendering. This allows you to make other SDK calls while your content is still loading (and hidden behind a spinner).


import * as SDK from "azure-devops-extension-sdk";



A full API reference of can be found here.

Code of Conduct

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