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    Vectorizing of several crestron Style Icons, and conversion in to Fonts for web development

    Similar to FontAwesome, Creston Neo, creates fonts out of the Crestron Neo Style

    Follow the same guidelines in the link. Just change any reference for fa to crneo, and fa- to crf-. You will be able to:

    • Add an icon into your project and make them any size any color:
    • Make them rotate
    • Spin Them
    • Stack Them Together to make new ones!

    How to install:

    On you initialized yarn/npm project, run

    on npm:

    npm install ay-crestron-fonts

    on yarn:

    yarn add ay-crestron-fonts

    This will install the fonts in the node_modules folder. The imortant folders are structure is:

        |   |---crestronfonts.css
        |   |---neo.css
    • The CSS folder contains the CSS styles to call the fonts in webfont by name instead of code, and important style for the stacking, animation, etc.
    • The webfonts, is where the core vector fonts in several formats are located.
    • demo.html has examples of all the included glyphs, as well as style use. Launch it by right clicking on it in visual studio and selecting Opening in Live Server.

    To install simple add these two lines to your index.html.

         <link rel="stylesheet" href="./node_modules/ay-crestron-fonts/css/crestronfonts.css">
         <link rel="stylesheet" href="./node_modules/ay-crestron-fonts/css/neo.css">

    In Angular you should put the links to those two folders under the styles property inside the angular.json properties:

       "styles": [

    Version 2.0

    New composite fonts created: A set of premade composite fonts were added to complete the Themes. This composite fonts are created out of two glyphs, but they can be addressed as if they were one. No need to stack them together on your HTML code.


    npm i ay-crestron-fonts

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