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The idea for AXT is to provide a simple and extendable javascript framework for working both in node.js as well as in the browser.

It's designed for mere mortals and those of us who think in an OOP way. Classes, Events, Models, Views, and how that interacts with the server as well as in the client for fast, responsive UX.

AXT is template agnostic, allowing you to decide how you want your views constructed. Pre-load it all with HTML5 <template> tags or use a template library like Handlebars.js or Underscore or jQuery Templates and construct your views client-side or use Haml, ejs, JSP's, ASP.Net, or other server-side rendering frameworks

Models allow basic crud like functionality to synchronize you're models between a database or between the client and the server. It follows a rails-like syntax familiar to express.js developers or to Ruby on Rails developers.

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Please fork this repository and submit a pull request for any change. Pull requests are welcome provided they come with specs.
No pull requests will be accepted that add additional dependencies.