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AwsSum plugin for Amazon CloudFormation.

NOTE: AwsSum is now deprecated. Please use aws-sdk instead.


This is an AwsSum plugin!

You'll need to add awssum-amazon-cloudformation to your package.json dependencies. Both awssum and awssum-amazon are pulled in as peer dependencies.

var fmt = require('fmt');
var amazonCloudFormation = require('awssum-amazon-cloudformation');
var cf = new amazonCloudFormation.CloudFormation({
    'accessKeyId'     : process.env.ACCESS_KEY_ID,
    'secretAccessKey' : process.env.SECRET_ACCESS_KEY,
    'region'          : amazonCloudFormation.US_EAST_1
cf.ListStacks(function(err, data) {
    fmt.dump(err, 'err');
    fmt.dump(data, 'data');

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Written by Andrew Chilton - Blog - Twitter.