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Awscms is a <a href="">Connect</a> middleware that serves <a href="">Handlebars</a> templates from an Amazon S3 bucket.


Awscms is a Connect middleware that serves Handlebars templates from an Amazon S3 bucket.

Made by Matt Brennan at import•io.

npm install awscms

app.use.apply(app, Awscms.middleware({
prefix: '/awscms',
access-key-id: "",
secret-access-key: "",
bucket: "bucket-name"
{{#extends "base"}}
{{> header}}
{{#each list}}
"list": [
"Is amazing",
"Will save your life"
<!doctype html>

GET /awscms/page

Well, what do you think?

Awscms is released under the MIT licence. ©2013 import•io