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Services and little hacks to work with AWS.

Do note put important informations like aws access key or secret key into the repository.

Usage (from npm):

  1. Install aws-utils globaly
  • Run aws-utils


npm install -g aws-utils

Usage (cloning):

  1. Clone the repository;
  • Enter the clone directory;
  • Run link command to refer the cloned repository globally;
  • Run aws-utils (from anywhere) to use the tool.


git clone
cd aws-utils
npm link

Configuration file

You can have a configuration file called .awsAccess.json.

It must be at your home directory (Windows users - it searchs where USERPROFILEvariable points).

It must have the following format:

    "accessKey" : "YOUR-ACCESS-KEY",
    "secretKey" : "YOUR-SECRET-KEY",
    "region": "your-region"

If you get this file with the correct information in the correct place, you can ommit thes data in the command line.