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List of AWS CloudFront Edge Location code prefixes including latitude/longitude information, usable via a lookup mechanism.


If you're here for the plain data, have a look at


To install, you can do the following:

$ npm i --save aws-edge-locations



This package can be used to lookup the AWS CloudFront Edge Locations via the three character prefix (the first three characters of the location (e.g. IAD12) field in the CloudFront logs).

const AWSEdgeLocations = require('aws-edge-locations').default;
// Or
// import AWSEdgeLocations from 'aws-edge-locations';

const el = new AWSEdgeLocations();
const location = el.lookup('IAD12'.substr(0,3)); // Use only the first three characters!

/* returns
  "city": "Washington",
  "state": "District of Columbia",
  "country": "United States",
  "countryCode": "US",
  "count": 20,
  "latitude": 38.94449997,
  "longitude": -77.45580292,
  "region": "North America",
  "pricingRegion": "United States, Mexico, & Canada"

const invalid = el.lookup('FOO'); // returns false

// Get edge location count
const locationCount = el.getLocationCount(); // returns the current number of locations

// Get PoP count
const popCount = el.getPoPCount() // returns the current number of PoPs


This package is published as an UMD module, and can be used in the browser directly from unpkg.

        <script src=""></script> 
            // Using the global variable
            document.write('There are ' + awsEdgeLocations.getLocationCount() + ' edge locations');

Local data generation

To prepare the data regeneration, please run npm run download-airports && npm run filter-airports.

The npm run generate script will regenerate the csv, json and parquet versions of the AWS CloudFront Edge Location list in the data folder.

It does this by extracting the information from the Amazon CloudFront Key Features page, cleaning and unifiying it, and merging it with airport data (the first three characters of the location field are IATA airport codes) to also get the latitude/longitude information.

Also, there are some manual overrides when it wasn't possible to automatically determine the correct IATA code from the city names.

Running npm run build will transpile the TypeScript code in the src directory and save it in the dist directory.

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