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A Javascript port of Ben Koski's ruby gem aws_credentials, which provides a simple way to manage your Amazon credentials across multiple apps and servers through a config file on the system. This version is compatible with the config files from the ruby gem, with additional support for account_id.


npm install aws-cred


Put a yaml file on your server under /etc/aws.conf that contains:

access_key: YOUR_KEY_HERE (required)
secret_access_key: YOUR_SECRET_KEY_HERE (required)
account_id: YOUR_KEY_HERE (optional)

Require and configure aws-cred in your app. This loads /etc/aws.conf:

var AWSCred = require('aws-cred');
awscred = new AWSCred({});

You can also specify an environment to load different files. This is useful if you want to maintain different keys for production, development, staging, etc:

//this sets the environment do "donkey" and loads /etc/aws.donkey.conf
awscred = new AWSCred({"env": "donkey"});

And you can manually set the path, in which case it ignores the environment:

//this will load from /exactly/where/you/said/yourfile.conf
awscred = new AWSCred({"config_path": "/exactly/where/you/said/yourfile.conf"});