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    AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) for LocalStack

    This project provides a thin wrapper script cdklocal for using the AWS CDK library against local APIs provided by LocalStack.

    Note: This project replaces the old (deprecated) repo which was a fork of the AWS CDK repo. Instead of forking the repo and applying changes, we now simply provide a simple wrapper script cdklocal which applies runtime patching. The advantage of the new approach is that you should be able to use arbitrary CDK versions under the cover.

    Quick Installation

    The cdklocal command line is published as an npm library:

    $ npm install -g aws-cdk-local aws-cdk
    $ cdklocal --version

    Note: Starting with version 1.65.2, the dependency aws-cdk needs to be installed manually (to decouple the two libraries, and allow using arbitrary versions of aws-cdk under the covers).

    (Note: Depending on your local setup, you may or may not have to use the global npm installation flag -g above.)


    The following environment variables can be configured:

    • EDGE_PORT: Port under which LocalStack edge service is accessible (default: 4566)
    • LOCALSTACK_HOSTNAME: Target host under which LocalStack edge service is accessible (default: localhost)
    • LAMBDA_MOUNT_CODE: Whether to use local Lambda code mounting (via setting __local__ S3 bucket name). Note: may require CDK version <2.14.0 to be fully functional.

    Deploying a Sample App

    The CDK command line ships with a sample app generator to run a quick test for getting started:

    $ mkdir /tmp/test; cd /tmp/test
    $ cdklocal init sample-app --language=javascript

    Make sure that LocalStack is installed and started up with the required services:

    $ SERVICES=serverless,sqs,sns localstack start

    Then deploy the sample app against the local APIs via the cdklocal command line:

    $ cdklocal deploy
    Do you wish to deploy these changes (y/n)? y
    Stack ARN:

    Once the deployment is done, you can inspect the created resources via the awslocal command line:

    $ awslocal sns list-topics
        "Topics": [
                "TopicArn": "arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:000000000000:TestStack-TestTopic339EC197-79F43WWCCS4Z"

    Change Log

    • 2.16.0: Add check to prevent IPv6 connection issue with localhost on MacOS
    • 2.15.0: Fix issue with undefined BUCKET_NAME_OUTPUT variable; add CI build and eslint config
    • 2.14.0: Add switches in patches to accommodate new esbuild packaging mechanism in CDK v2.14.0+
    • 1.65.7: Add switch that checks for asset existence before symlinking assets; fix parsing fetched template body for JSON/YAML formats; add missing dependency to "diff" package
    • 1.65.6: Create symlinks to Lambda assets to enable persistent code mounting of Lambdas on "cdklocal synth"
    • 1.65.5: Add support for LAMBDA_MOUNT_CODE config to enable local Lambda code mounting
    • 1.65.4: Add support for large stacks by patching bucketUrl for ToolkitInfo
    • 1.65.2: Patch missing getPromise() in forceCredentialRetrieval; remove aws-cdk from npm dependencies
    • 1.65.1: Override BucketURL to use path style addressing
    • 1.65.0: Initial release


    The AWS CDK is distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.




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