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Awesome Query

Simple crawler that filters URL's based on their content. Uses concurrent PhantomJS instances to grab content. Built for awesome-lists.

Quick Setup

sudo npm i -g awesome-query

Then restart your terminal[1].

To get a list of conferences in 2015:

awesome-query 2015 ~/awesome-lists/conferences.txt -v -o stdout

Run awesome-query with no arguments for help.


You can also use awesome-query inside node.

Pass the URL's as an array.

var conferences = [

Pass the options as an object.

var options = {
  'verbose': false,
  'rejectFailures': false,
  'urlsOnly': false,
  'timeout': 20000,
  'attempts': 3,
  'parallelization': 4

The selector should be either a RegExp object

awesomeQuery(/london/, conferences, options).then(function (data) {

Or a function, it should return either a promise (any object with a then function), or anything else (that evaluates to true or false).

var Levenshtein = require('levenshtein');
var f = function (page) {
  return page.text.match(/\w+/g).some(function (word) {
    return new Levenshtein(word, 'reactive').distance < 4;
awesomeQuery(f, conferences, options).then(function (data) {

Sample page object:

  "html": "<head><meta name='author' content='Prabdeep'></head> <body><h1>Title</h1></body>",
  "text": "Title",
  "meta": [{"name": "author", "content": "Prabdeep"}],
  "title": ""


Building this was made significantly easier by phridge and promise-queue

To Do / Contributing

Feel free to submit a pull request. These things need doing:

  • Anonomously collect usage stats
  • Gracefully handle a PhantomJS crash
  • Documentation
  • Tests


[1] - NPM doesn't support passing arguments to commands very well. To work-around this awesome-query automatically adds an alias to bashrc.

Reloading bashrc requires restarting your terminal. This may not work on windows-based machines (tested on Ubuntu). You can substitute the awesome-query command with node PATH/TO/AWESOME/QUERY/src/bin/run.js.

The command will break if you move the relevant files and persist if you remove them.


Copyright (c) 2015, Ashton War