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    Avo CLI

    Better event tracking, faster.

    The Avo CLI gives you access to Avo Codegen right from your command line. It allows you to pull your Avo tracking plan as type-safe functions for each of your events, making analytics implementation quick and seamless. Avo Codegen supports a variety of platforms, programming languages and destinations.


    Avo runs on Node >=14.16. To install the latest version of Avo CLI, run this command:

    npm install -g avo


    $ avo --help
    avo command
      avo login              Log into the Avo platform
      avo init               Initialize an Avo workspace in the current folder
      avo pull [source]      Pull analytics wrappers from Avo workspace
      avo checkout [branch]  Switch branches                               [aliases: branch]
      avo source <command>   Manage sources for the current project
      avo status [source]    Show the status of the Avo implementation
      avo merge main         Pull the Avo main branch into your current branch
      avo conflict           Resolve git conflicts in Avo files            [aliases: resolve, conflicts]
      avo edit               Open the Avo workspace in your browser
      avo logout             Log out from the Avo platform
      avo whoami             Shows the currently logged in username
      --version      Show version number                                   [boolean]
      -v, --verbose  make output more verbose                              [boolean] [default: false]
      -f, --force    Proceed with merge when incoming branch is open       [boolean] [default: false]
      --help         Show help                                             [boolean]

    For more documentation, visit

    Caught a Bug? Thank you, you are precious to us :hug: Please create a issue on the GitHub repo or send an email to We'll do our best to resolve it quickly!

    To create a release: Verify that the changes in the Unreleased section in are accurate, create a new heading with the correct semantic version then move the content from the Unreleased section there • Update the semantic version in package.json to match the one you just created in the changelog • Commit with the message "Release " and push the changes • Publish the package to npm (you'll need to be a maintainer of the avo project in npm): npm publish




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