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Aven Framework (Soft Launch)

Aven Cloud

An opinionated attempt to make applications dramatically easier to develop and deploy. Use JS and React to target all platforms, update code and application data using the same real-time database.

A Full Stack ReactJS Framework

  • Use SQLite backend in development, and PostgreSQL in production
  • Depends on NodeJS, React, React Native, Babel
  • Universal caching layer designed to make apps fast by default
  • Simple realtime database with smart cache and offline client functionality
  • Full Authentication and permission system
  • Simple module system
  • Use one JavaScript codebase for:
    • Backend logic
    • Server-rendered React sites
    • Client React apps and PWAs
    • React Native apps on iOS and Android

Getting started

1: Get these dependencies:

  • NodeJS 8+
  • Yarn 1+
  • Watchman 4.9+

2: Create a project:

yarn create aven-app todo-app

Go edit the files in todo-app! The main file is index.js.

3: Run the local server:

cd todo-app
yarn start

This will create a local SQLite database for development, and start a server on http://localhost:3000.

4: Mobile App:

Details coming soon. Its basically a normal Expo app with an ugly caveat:

The mobile app uses code from the main repo. How? npm i -g wml, from wix, run wml link src mobile/src and then wml start


While not quite yet production ready, the testing ground is, and will be stabilizing soon.




npm i aven-core

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